Drinking & Driving

It is against the law to drive if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol Although there is a legal limit, alcohol is a drug which affects the nervous system and impairment starts the moment you have your first drink. It is, therefore, advisable not to drink and drive at all.

If you do decide to drive within the legal limit, please be aware of the facts and figures in the box below:

Facts and Figures about Alcohol

  • It takes 1 hour for each unit of alcohol to be processed through the body, which means 2 pints of beer will take 4 hours - a statistic that should be noted in relation to the “morning after”.

  • A unit of alcohol is 1/2 pint of ordinary strength beer or lager (3.5%) or I small glass of wine (9%) but nowadays many wines tend to be 11% - 13% in strength and served in larger glasses. Most beers and lagers are now 4% - 5%, which means you should take great care if you do decide to drink within the legal limit.

  • Alcohol has a greater effect on women than men. Women are generally smaller and lighter and their metabolism is different. As a rule of thumb, for every 3 drinks a man can have a woman can only have 2.