This website has been designed to educate drivers on the important subject of Drinking & Driving. As you work through this short programme we will look at EU statistics and EU Drink Drive limits.

Most importantly we will examine the effects of Drinking and Driving on you physically and explain the consequences this action may have: how to calculate units of alcohol and the time it will take for your body to process them. We will use interactive sessions to highlight the risks and dangers surrounding this activity.

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Driver profiling becoming standard practice for vehicle fleets
07/11/2016 17:00:28

Profiling the risk of company drivers is fast becoming standard practice for businesses operating vehicle fleets. According to Jonathan Mosley, sales and marketing director at E-Training World, it...
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Fleet managers should aim to eradicate minor vehicle damage
07/11/2016 17:00:06

Small knocks, scrapes, dinks and dents may seem like an inevitable downside to running a car or van fleet. Yet Graham Hurdle, managing director of online driver training specialist, E-Training World,...
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Effective profiling will slash driver training costs
13/09/2016 15:19:49

Using an accurate and effective profiling system prior to driver training will dramatically reduce your training costs. That’s according to Jonathan Mosley, sales and marketing director of E-Training...
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E-Training World offers free road safety for kids
13/09/2016 15:19:25

The summer holidays are over and the kids are back to school. It’s a time when many young children are walking to school for the first time, and a lack of road safety awareness makes it a worrying time...
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Company drivers should be risk assessed annually
16/06/2016 17:11:35

Companies operating vehicle fleets should be risk assessing their drivers at least once a year. That's according to E-Training World's managing director, Graham Hurdle, who says that an annual assessment...
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Add value to your fleet customers with a branded driver profiling system
16/06/2016 17:10:09

The number of ‘fleet sector’ companies to utilise E-Training World’s white-labelled driver profiling and e-driver training system has soared in the first half of 2016. Jonathan Mosley, sales and...
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Company drivers have a woeful lack of road knowledge
25/05/2016 13:55:50

More than a third of UK company car drivers have a fundamental lack of knowledge of the Highway Code and basic road laws. Leading driver profiling and e-driver training specialist, E-Training World,...
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Online risk assessments and driver training a ‘must’ for van operators
29/02/2016 15:12:36

Companies operating fleets of vans should pro-actively use online driver profiling and e-driver training systems in the recruitment and training of drivers. Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training...
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Assess essential skills when profiling at-work drivers
29/02/2016 15:09:58

Assessing the core skills of a driver’s attitude, knowledge, observation/concentration and hazard perception skills are essential for companies with vehicle fleets when profiling risk. According...
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‘Avoiding rear end collisions’ is by far the most popular online driver training course
01/02/2016 07:17:55

E-Training World has announced its most popular online driver training modules, with ‘Avoiding rear end collisions’ enjoying by far the greatest demand. The online driver profiling and e-driver training...
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Driver risk dashboard a big hit with fleet managers
01/02/2016 07:17:26

E-Training World’s online dashboard reports, which were launched in 2015, have been a huge hit with fleet managers. According to Jonathan Mosley, E-Training World’s sales and marketing director,...
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Demand for van driver profiling on the increase
01/02/2016 07:16:08

Demand for E-Training World’s specialist van driver profiling and e-driver training systems is on the up. Companies operating van fleets up to 7.5 tonnes are increasingly using online systems to...
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E-Training World Highly Commended in BusinessCar Techie Awards 2015
27/08/2015 11:03:19

Online driver profiling and e-driver training specialist, E-Training World, has won a highly commended award in the prestigious 2015 BusinessCar Techies. The accolade, awarded for the Risk Management...
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Driving Standards will improve the moment you conduct an assessment
08/06/2015 10:54:15

Driver profiling is generally seen as the process of assessing a driver’s risk, and identifying their strengths and weaknesses, ahead of decisions being taken about their required training. However...
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New Dashboard Reports from E-Training World
04/06/2015 11:46:00

E-Training World has launched new web-based dashboard reporting for its online driver profiling and e-driver training systems. Offering a series of charts and graphs, the reports enable better interrogation...
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50mg Drink Drive Limit Sends Confused Message to Motorists, warns expert
19/05/2015 14:43:06

Proposals this week by the Police Federation to reduce drink-driving limits from 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood to 50mg in England and Wales sends a confused message to motorists. According to...
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New driver profiling and e-driver training for Van Drivers
11/03/2015 11:11:44

Online driver profiling and e-driver training specialist, E-Training World, has launched a new dedicated system aimed at van drivers. It enables companies operating fleets of vans, which can range...
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Regular Training Vital to Reduce Accidents
11/03/2015 08:47:59

Regular, on-going driver training is the best way to reduce accidents and can be achieved for as little as £30 per driver per year. According to E-Training World’s sales and marketing director, Jonathan...
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Driver Profiling Sees Surge in Demand
08/10/2014 14:19:56

2014 has been the year when demand for online driver profiling and e-driver training in the fleet sector has reached an all time high. According to Jonathan Mosley, sales and marketing director at...
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Have your Fleet Drivers Checked their Tyres Recently?
08/10/2014 14:19:18

Statistics released by the Highways Agency reveal that more than 11,000 tyre-related incidents took place on England’s motorways and major roads last winter. The figures were unveiled in support...
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Investing in Risk Management will Deliver Instant Pay Back
29/07/2014 10:55:00

Companies considering risk management for their at-work drivers should look more at the money they will save rather than focus on the cost. According to E-Training World’s managing director, Graham...
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Don’t Let the Heat Get to You!
29/07/2014 10:54:12

The school summer holidays have begun, we’re having a British heat wave and as drivers struggle to get from A to B on hot, congested roads its important to keep your cool behind the wheel. According...
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Driver Training Should be a Regular Activity, Not a “One Off”
01/05/2014 12:38:16

Driver training that results in less accidents, falling repair costs and improved safety for at-work drivers should be a regular feature of a company’s training plan, and can be achieved by using e-learning. According...
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HSE updates its Work-Related Road Safety Guidance
01/05/2014 12:37:27

Company directors and fleet managers whose staff drive either company vehicles or their own cars or vans for business use are being encouraged to read an updated guide to safe driving at work. The...
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Be Careful How You Categorise High Risk Drivers
19/02/2014 12:48:00

Companies that automatically place their at-work drivers as high risk due to points on their licence, a recent accident or even because they haven’t had their eyes tested should look carefully at their...
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Don’t Relax Your Driving When the Floods Subside
19/02/2014 12:47:06

Many parts of the UK have experienced very wet roads and large puddles in 2014, causing drivers to slow down. As road surfaces start to dry out, and water levels subside, Jonathan Mosley, director...
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Companies that do not Risk Assess Drivers are the Exception, not the Rule
24/01/2014 12:01:28

With the uptake of online driver risk assessments and e-driver training growing at a dramatic pace, Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World believes companies with vehicle fleets that do...
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E-Training World Launches Cycling Awareness Training Module
24/01/2014 12:00:41

E-Training World has launched a new online driver training module on the topic of ‘cyclist awareness’. The module, which is aimed at drivers of cars, vans, HGVs and other vehicles, provides advice regarding...
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E-Training World Launches System for the Republic of Ireland
11/11/2013 17:17:34

Leading online driver profiling and e-driver training specialist, E-Training World, has launched a new system for the Republic of Ireland. It follows the same proven structure as E-Training World’s...
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E-Driver Training Modules Improved to Offer Additional Driver Evaluation
11/11/2013 17:16:16

E-Training World has enhanced the functionality of its e-driver training modules to enable further analysis of drivers’ training needs. The modules, which as well as providing training also ask questions...
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Check Your Tyres as part of Tyre Safety Month
03/10/2013 10:58:00

An October campaign encouraging drivers to check their tyres has begun, supported by thousands of garages and other organisations across the UK. The not for profit road safety group, TyreSafe, is...
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Road Knowledge a Weakness in Company Car and Van Drivers
03/10/2013 10:31:08

Many company car and van drivers lack a basic knowledge of UK road signs and laws. According to E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment system, a common section that drivers’ score poorly...
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DSA and VOSA to Merge
27/06/2013 12:20:19

From 2014, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) are to be merged into a single agency. The Department for Transport announced the initiative after a...
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High Mileage does not mean High Risk, warns Expert
27/06/2013 12:18:04

Companies that categorise their drivers as being high risk, simply due to the number of miles they cover each year, the type of car they drive or the number of points on their licence should think again. According...
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9% of Company Drivers are High Risk
21/05/2013 15:26:57

After more than a decade of offering online driver risk assessments, E-Training World has found a steady trend from its system data revealing that on average 9% of company car, van and HGV drivers are...
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Drink Drivers Face Tougher Penalties
21/05/2013 15:26:18

Serious drink-drive offenders will have to prove they are no longer dependent on alcohol before being allowed back behind the wheel. Those who obstruct the police by refusing to allow their blood...
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E-Training World launches 2 New E-Driver Training Modules
10/04/2013 12:07:11

Companies suffering high numbers of rear end collisions, and accidents in car parks, can now offer their drivers 2 new web-based driver training courses. Online driver profiling and e-driver training...
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BusinessCar Survey Reveals Lack of Driver Incentives
10/04/2013 12:06:30

Fleet publication, BusinessCar, has revealed that more than half of businesses do not offer any incentives to drivers who show an improvement in their on-road behaviour. The BusinessCar online poll...
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Poor Roads Becoming a 'Hole' Lot of Danger!
27/02/2013 17:45:34

As well as becoming an expensive nuisance for many fleet operators, the increasing number of pot holes on UK roads is introducing a new danger for drivers, over and beyond damaged tyres. According...
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Fleet Operators Should Look Out for New Rules on Roadside Eyesight Tests
27/02/2013 17:44:41

Companies that operate vehicle fleets should be aware of the enhanced powers of the Police that came into force on 7th February this year. Immediate action can now be taken against any motorist failing...
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Core Driving Skills are Key When Assessing Risk
06/02/2013 17:47:23

Online driver risk assessments should focus on the core skills of attitude, knowledge, observation/concentration and hazard perception. By doing so, companies operating vehicle fleets will enjoy maximum...
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Driver Training Should be On-Going, Not Once a Year
06/02/2013 17:46:41

Driver development courses resulting in less accidents, falling repair costs and improved safety can become a regular feature of a company’s training plan by using e-learning. Rather than offering...
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Fleet Sector Suppliers Choose E-Training World’s Online Driver Risk Assessments
17/01/2013 11:23:25

Companies operating in the fleet sector are increasingly opting to use E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment and e-driver training system as the benefits become more widely recognised. E-Training...
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Reduce Your Accident Costs in 2013
17/01/2013 09:45:48

Companies that bemoan large and volatile vehicle accident costs can reduce their expenditure with a series of simple, low cost, initiatives. According to Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training...
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Have a Safe and Happy Christmas from E-Training World
11/12/2012 22:36:18

On behalf of the whole team at E-Training World we’d like to wish our customers and newsletter readers a very happy Christmas and New Year. 2012 has been the year when E-Training World has seen a...
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Try Our Free Online Drink Driving Awareness System this Christmas
11/12/2012 22:35:16

As our final news story for 2012, we’d like to remind all companies about our free online drink driving awareness course at www.drinkdrivingkills.com. Designed to raise awareness of drinking and...
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Core Driving Skills Remain Fundamental to Risk Assessments
15/11/2012 08:45:18

Assessing drivers’ attitude, knowledge, concentration and observation, and hazard perception skills are core to delivering a meaningful and accurate driver risk assessment. This is according to Graham...
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Risk Assessment Data Should be Transferable Between Companies
15/11/2012 08:42:02

A driver’s risk assessment should be allowed to be taken from one employer to another if that individual changes company. The recommendation by Jonathan Mosley, director of sales and marketing at...
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Assess Your Drivers' Knowledge of the Company Car Policy for Free
11/10/2012 14:28:59

Companies that need to ensure their vehicle policy has been read and understood by drivers can offer a simple online test which also helps to explain the reasons behind the policy in more detail. ...
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Partnerships the Way Forward as E-Training World Continues to Grow
11/10/2012 11:49:32

The ability to offer insurance specialists, contract hire companies, fleet management providers, driver training businesses and other fleet sector suppliers their own branded online driver risk assessment...
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E-Training World Launches Online Risk Assessments for Minibus Drivers
19/09/2012 10:23:33

E-Training World has extended its portfolio of online driver risk and e-learning solutions with a new system for minibus drivers. The web-based driver profiling tool covers four key sections, namely...
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Communication is Key When Implementing Driver Risk Assessments
19/09/2012 10:22:28

Feedback from companies that have introduced risk assessments for their company and grey fleet drivers have said that one of the key issues they face is driver resistance. Many drivers, particularly...
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Partnerships with Fleet Sector Suppliers Continue to Grow
30/08/2012 11:05:49

With many fleet sector service companies seeking to provide their clients with a fully branded online driver profiling and e-driver training system, E-Training World is seeing accelerated growth in...
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E-Training World Wins Yet Another Award!
30/08/2012 11:02:49

E-Training World has won a Highly Commended award in the 2012 Business Car Fleet Technology Awards – affectionately known as The Techies – in the Risk Management category. This is the fourth successive...
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E-Training World Launches New Web Site
24/07/2012 15:33:26

E-Training World has re-designed its web site (www.e-trainingworld.com) to reflect recent developments within the business, and its ever-improving range of online solutions. Having won several fleet...
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Heat Wave. Olympic Traffic. Holiday Season. Time to Stay Calm behind the Wheel
24/07/2012 15:31:17

It looks like we could be in for a very busy few weeks. The Olympic Games start on Friday, schools have just broken up, the sun is shining and there could be a fine line between summer celebration and...
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E-Training World to Extend its Online Services
28/06/2012 08:49:27

E-Training World will be launching a new range of online driver risk assessments this summer, with the introduction of three new systems. From September 2012, companies will be able to assess motorbike...
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Fuel Duty Increase may be postponed, but fuel efficient driving shouldn’t be
28/06/2012 08:48:22

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has announced to the House of Commons that the planned 3 pence per litre rise in fuel duty will be postponed until next January. Yet irrespective of this...
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Contract Hire Companies can enjoy immediate access to a branded, tailored Online Risk Management System
13/06/2012 10:26:35

Contract hire and fleet management companies seeking to bolster their proposition can enjoy the benefits of offering a fully branded, tailored online driver risk assessment and e-learning system to...
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Regular Reminders about safe driving can be as important as Training
13/06/2012 09:26:55

Companies that operate car, van and HGV fleets should not overlook the importance of regular reminders to all company vehicle drivers of the importance of safe driving. According to Graham Hurdle,...
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US Companies being sued for Drivers who cause Accidents whilst on the Phone
23/05/2012 11:08:08

What happens in the United States usually reaches the UK, and with companies being sued for the “distracted driving” of their employees, it won’t be long before blanket bans for the use of mobile phones...
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Driver Behaviour can improve Simply by Conducting an Assessment
23/05/2012 10:55:22

Assessing drivers online not only provides a risk rating it also offers an immediate improvement to their behaviour. Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World, says that simply by conducting...
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Fleet Sector Suppliers Impressed by Flexibility of E-Training World’s Systems
02/05/2012 10:09:04

Insurance, fleet management, driver training and contract hire companies are signing up to E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment and e-learning systems with flexibility being a key ingredient...
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Lack of Basic Driving Skills the Cause of Most Vehicle Damage
02/05/2012 10:08:41

A lack of basic driving skills such as parking, reversing and allowing enough room to avoid other vehicles and fixed objects are costing companies a fortune in repair bills. According to Graham Hurdle,...
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Driver Training Becoming More Targeted as Demands Shift up a Gear
18/04/2012 12:54:03

Companies operating vehicle fleets are becoming more discerning, targeted and sophisticated with their driver training as the range of options on the market grows. According to Jonathan Mosley, director...
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E-Training World Scoops another Award
18/04/2012 12:53:53

E-Training World has won a highly commended award, adding to a tally which has seen it win Best Risk Management system two years in succession in the Business Car Techies and a finalist in the Fleet...
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New HGV Driver Profiling System Enjoys Strong Feedback
29/03/2012 14:03:57

E-Training World’s new driver risk assessment system for HGV drivers is receiving outstanding feedback from transport managers and vocational drivers. The system, dedicated to HGVs, assesses risk...
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Drivers Must Remain Calm during Fuel Shortages
29/03/2012 13:39:02

With the threat of a strike by tanker drivers affecting fuel supplies at forecourts, company drivers are being advised to consider their schedule in the coming weeks to only make essential trips if...
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Companies have an Attitude problem when it comes to Vehicle Accident Costs
14/03/2012 15:12:47

Fleet managers who focus on changing driver attitudes will see their vehicle accidents reduce as well as enjoying a drop in the workload associated with sorting out the vehicle, driver, insurance, hire...
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E-Training World demonstrates its Export Credentials
14/03/2012 15:08:17

E-Training World’s online driver risk assessment and e-driver training system is catching the eye of a growing number of International businesses after the company was a finalist in the UK Trade and...
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Online Profiling Statistics Reveal the Cause of Rising Fleet Costs
01/03/2012 12:04:19

One in three company car drivers fail to recognise half the potential hazards they face while motoring in Britain – according to a leading on-line risk assessment organisation. Analysis of tests...
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International Markets Turning to the UK for Driver Risk Solutions
01/03/2012 12:03:39

Many countries around the world experiencing growth in the provision of company vehicles, and tightening health and safety legislation, are turning to UK companies for ready-made online risk management...
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Government considers drink-drive law change after plea
08/02/2012 10:38:22

The government will consider whether the licences of suspected drink-drivers should be revoked following an appeal by the sister of a young crash victim. Jamie Still, 16, died in Otley, West Yorkshire,...
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Online training is ideal for Company Driver Inductions
08/02/2012 08:42:25

New recruits that qualify for a company vehicle, or members of staff promoted into a role that comes with a car, are best educated about the company’s policies and procedures online. Jonathan Mosley,...
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Improved Hazard Perception Skills Will Dramatically Reduce Fleet Costs
07/02/2012 18:01:26

Fleet operators seeking to reduce their number of accidents, improve fuel consumption and minimise wear and tear on vehicles should focus on improving their drivers’ hazard perception skills. According...
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Soham man guilty of double fatal death crash
01/02/2012 11:44:37

A man has been found guilty of causing two deaths by dangerous driving following a crash in Cambridgeshire. Paul Adams, 40, and Kathryn Dunn, 26, died in March 2007 on the A142 Fordham bypass between...
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Demand for Branded and Tailored Risk Management Systems on the Increase
24/01/2012 11:04:09

With demand for online risk management solutions rising, so is the demand from contract hire, fleet management, traditional driver training and insurance companies for a system they can offer to their...
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E-Training World Launches new LGV driver risk assessment system
24/01/2012 11:01:45

E-Training World has launched a new LGV system enabling commercial vehicle operators to risk assess their drivers with ease and efficiently. The new system provides a 20 minute assessment with specialist...
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Results from the Christmas Drink Drive Campaign
23/01/2012 15:15:21

More than 7,100 people were arrested in the month-long Christmas and New Year campaign targeting drink and drug drivers. During the crackdown nearly 157,000 people were stopped and tested. Despite...
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Drink-driving ‘lunacy’ that killed four is 'worse case ever heard' by coroner
13/01/2012 14:02:54

A drink-fuelled, high-speed car crash which left four people dead was described by a coroner as the worst he has dealt with in his 35-year career. Joanne Martin was three times the drink-drive limint...
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Time to Follow French Lead on Road Safety
13/01/2012 13:30:49

France’s commitment to reducing the numbers of deaths on its roads has been applauded by a leading UK road safety expert who says the UK could learn lessons from the French by having clear targets and...
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